Andrew Yaros
Please click on a button below, or keep scrolling down to see a few of my projects. is an artwork portfolio website I developed from scratch for my grandmom, a professional artist with decades of experience. It was designed to mimic the aesthetics of a white-cube museum gallery. Artworks can be selectively viewed by choosing them from a grid-view of thumbnails. When displayed individually, each artwork is set within a prominent white border with metadata displayed below à la a gallery plaque. Starting from scratch allowed for full control over formatting without the excess overhead generated by a website builder.

The other component of this system is a portable editor utility. It modifies a local copy of the website which can be uploaded to any hosting provider. This editor allows individual gallery items to be created, modified, and reordered. It's based on a python script which handles file I/O and launches a GUI in a browser window.

JPaint is a simple bitmap paint program in the vein of MacPaint and Microsoft Paint. It is written in Java using the Swing framework. This was a project for my GUIs class at Drexel. The image above, which I am using as a background for the JPaint website, was itself created with JPaint. You should be able to download and run the JAR file on any desktop PC with Java installed.
Architecture Portfolio
This digital book is a collection of design projects from my time in Drexel's architecture program (before I switched my major to computer science). The portfolio contains six comprehensive projects documented in detail, followed by a gallery of assorted renders and drawings. Each page of the PDF is a double-page spread. This is a large file ( ≈ 90 MB) and may take time to download. (If you have issues opening the file in a third party application, try using Adobe Acrobat Reader.)
John Fry's Food Truck Extravaganza is a web app for discovering food trucks around Drexel's campus. Look up the menus, prices, hours, and locations of your favorite food trucks! (With apologies to John Fry, President of Drexel.) Aside from the front-end UI, I also wrote an editor app for adding, modifying, and removing food trucks (JFFTE stores its data on a Google Firebase database). This was a group project for a CS class at Drexel.