Andrew Yaros
BS Computer Science Drexel University Class of 2019
Please click on a button below, or keep scrolling down to see a few of my projects.
JPaint is a paint program in the vein of MacPaint and Microsoft Paint. It is written in Java using the Swing framework. This was a school project for my GUIs class at Drexel. The image above, which I am using as a background for the JPaint website, was itself created with JPaint.
Checkers Online
Checkers Online is an client-server checkers game. It is currently running off of an AWS server where it matches together clients who connect to it. This was a group project for one of my software engineering classes at Drexel.
This is a web application for looking up information about the various food trucks around Drexel's campus. It uses a Google Firebase database for storing data. Aside from the front-end, there is also an editor app for adding, modifying, and removing food trucks. This was a group project for a class at Drexel. JFFTE is an abbreviation for "John Fry's Food Truck Extravaganza," in reference to Drexel's president.